If you’re inspired by the character of your home, Spotlights® Door Glass is for you. Spotlights is designed for homeowners who appreciate the history of architecture and the spirit of good design. This line of door glass puts a spotlight on the growing trend for renovations and remodels that are done with class and top-notch materials. Spotlights is a doorglass solution that is constructed with the performance features and sense of unique style that savvy homeowners want. Whether it’s Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, or today’s most contemporary designs, Spotlights offers a clean, authentic style that’s customized for your home.

Spotlights are true to the character of your home’s aesthetics. A variety of glass designs and textures, including Celebration, Chinchilla, Circuit, Clear Low-E, and Frosted, and an architecturally authentic modern frame profile create the minimalist aesthetic and functional attributes you’re wanting in your home.

The textured grain in Spotlights’ frames is reminiscent of classic mid-century maple and birch furniture. The uniform and subtle grain provides a perfect surface for paint or stain.